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Welcome to Rio’s world!

Welcome to Rio’s world!



We are alive to bring happiness to each other.
We have life to help each other, to bring happiness to each other.

— “I Am Who I Was Meant to Be”    by Rio INYAKU (2012)


Rio INYAKU is a can-based sanshin player and a bestseller poet who lives in Okinawa.

Rio’s dream is to create music with everyone in the the world, that means, with everyone either they are healthy or challenged, with everyone either they are now living on the earth, or having past away, or are to be born.

Rio’s heartfelt desire is to let the world know about Okinawa, the beautiful Island. Okinawa has its abundant nature, unique culture, and own history. In Okinawa, people have been encouraged by music, even during their hardest times.

Now, enjoy Rio’s world!