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Arranged/Cover music in Okinawan style


“We Are the World Medley 2020” 

Arranged in Okinawan style with a sanshin.

I pray for those who are fighting illness all over the world, and for the safety of the medical staff all over the world.
Hope that the day will come again when everyone sing and dance together!

You can convert the subtitles into 104 languages by using automatic translation function.

*  The video has been monetized by the copyright holder


” Dynamic Ryukyu  feat. Daiichi Hirata” 

Original composed by Akira Ikuma, Lyrics by Daiichi Hirata

One of the most popular modern Eisa dance music

* distribution over the internet


“Tachi-utushi arranged ver” 

Special thanks to Mr. Takayuki Oshiro, Rio’s mentor, for allowing to play his re-created “Tachi-utushi arranged ver”

* Live performance in 2019 autumn


“Akata-sun-dunchi” in Okinawan language

Arranged Okinawan popular folk song.

“Here comes the Good News, brothers and sisters.
Let’s put out the golden lanterns.
Soon they’ll shine brightly to welcome the fertile and peaceful world!”

* distribution over the internet


“Hiyamikachi-bushi” in Okinawan language

Very famous Okinawan folk song that gave Okinawan people hope for life in the aftermath of the battle in Okinawa in 1945.

“Shall we stand up together as one,
And let the world know that our Okinawa is a precious island”

*  Live performance in 2016 summer,  with Masashi MEKARU


* Guitar ver. of  “Hiyamikachi-bushi”  recorded in 2016 summer


“Pest parkin mama”

Arranged “Pistol Packin’ Mamma” by Seijin Noborikawa, a renowned sanshin player. He has once worked as a houseboy during days of American occupation of Okinawa, and learned many American songs from soldiers by ear and sang them playing sanshin. “Pest parkin mama” is one of those songs.

* Can-based sanshin with a loop station and Rio’s voice percussion, recorded in 2016 spring


“Shinkanuchaa” in Okinawan language & Japanese

Original tune is composed by Kazufumi Miyazawa. It is the theme song for “the 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival”, the big festival where many Okinawan emigrants and their descendants get together in Okinawa from all over the world.

*  Live performance in 2016 summer,  with Masashi MEKARU



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