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Original Music


“Starry Blue”

composed, arranged, track-making by Rio Inyaku
lyrics by Noriko

“The starry blue ocean is a cradle
Remember the eternal memory
Here to sing the song of Lives
Heaven shall bloom on the earth


“Heavenly Rainbow”

composed, arranged, track-making by Rio Inyaku
lyrics by Noriko

“You will open the door to the heaven
With your happy memories on the earth as a gift
Your sanshins will smile in our heart
And they will glow brighter than our prayer


“Ryukyu Revolurion Remix”  with English subtitles

composed, arranged, recorded, remixed by Rio Inyaku
lyrics by Rio Inyaku & Noriko

“Stand with us and speak out
Vamos con nosotoros
Nossa ilha mais linda
We still have a dream today”


“Ryukyu Revolurion” 

* distribution over the internet


“Akachichi-kuduchi”  in Okinawan language

composed and arranged by Rio Inyaku
Remix of Ryukyu classical music “Kazadihuu” and Okinawan folk song “Toshin doi”

* distribution over the internet


“Kuba-nu-faa”  (the leaves of the Livistona)  in Okinawan language

Fantastical performance with 2 sanshins, using an improvised multiple recording system!

“Someday I will be the wind that blows through the leaves of the Livistona.
Someday I will be the light that shines the leaves of the Livistona.
Someday I will be the raindrops that drizzle on the leaves of the Livistona.”

Livistona(chinese fun palm) is revered as the tree upon which the Holy spirits descend. They say that the hero Akanuku made the sanshin, inspired by the sound of the raindrops that drizzle on the leaves of the Livistona.

* Live performance recorded in 2017 summer


“Coral’s song 2019” ( Uruma nu Uta) in Okinawan language

composed, arranged by Rio Inyaku
prelude, interlude and postlude are Okinawan folk music arranged by Rio.

“May our beloved Okinawa always be blessed,
May Okinawa always be peaceful”


“Wheelchair” (Kuruma-isu) in Japanese

This song is dedicated to his close friend when he was 13 years old and arranged as a special-needs high school graduation commemorative song.

“My dreams is to create a wheelchair that can fly to the sky.
And when my dream comes true, I would like to send it to you before anyone else.
Let’s fly to the sky with the birds together. Let’s eat the candy of clouds.
Let’s cross a rainbow bridge and overpass the moon in the daytime.”


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