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Original music


“Kuba-nu-faa”  (the leaves of the Livistona)  in Okinawan language

Fantastical performance with 2 sanshins, using an improvised multiple recording system!

“Someday I will be the wind that blows through the leaves of the Livistona.
Someday I will be the light that shines the leaves of the Livistona.
Someday I will be the raindrops that drizzle on the leaves of the Livistona.”

* Live performance recorded in 2017 summer

Livistona(chinese fun palm) is revered as the tree upon which the Holy spirits descend. They say that the hero Akanuku made the sanshin, inspired by the sound of the raindrops that drizzle on the leaves of the Livistona.


“Coral’s song” ( Uruma nu Uta) in Okinawan language
Prelude, interlude and postlude are Okinawan folk music arranged by Rio.

“May our beloved Okinawa always be blessed, may Okinawa always be peaceful”

* MV (recorded in 2015 summer)


“Wheelchair” (Kuruma-isu) in Japanese
Rio is in the seventh grade (at that time) and likes very much friends at special school. This song is dedicated to his close friend.  (MV coming later!)

“I hope I can create the wheelchair which flies. And when my dream comes true, you will be the first to whom I present it. Let’s fly together with birds, let’s eat cotton candy of clouds. Let’s cross the rainbow, and let’s outrun the Moon at noon”

* kankara-sanshin ver.(recorded in 2015 winter)


* guitar with harmonica ver.(recorded in 2016 summer)


“Recess too short to see my friends” (Kagamigaoka no yasumijikan) in Japanese
Break time at school has been too short for Rio to see his friends, so he created this song to express his sadness. Thankfully now break time got little extended. Interlude is arranged melody of his another original song “Wheelchair”  (MV coming later!)

“I love school, but we have only 5 minutes break time. When I hear a cheerful song from other class, it makes me want to sing with my friends!”

* kankara-sanshin ver.(recorded in 2015 autumn)


For other music click here→Rio’s Youtube Ch