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Rio Inyaku


Okinawan Music Creator / Kankara sanshin (Can-based Sanshin)* PlayerBest-Selling Poet.  Fusing the sound of sanshin  with the sound sources he produces on his computer, he creates new Okinawan music. He has performed in many cities, in and out of  Japan, including big stages. His works are listed on Rio’s official website and some of them are on  Rio Inyaku’s YouTube official artist channel. Born in 2001 in Tokyo and moved to Okinawa in 2011.  2020-current; Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Faculty of Music; Ryukyuan Performing Art Major.


Music Video: “PACIFIC“, “Garuda Ryukyu“, “Starry Blue” etc.

Discography: “Ryukyu Revolution” (2019, AgaiTida Record)   ★ Charted as J-Pop Album #3 in Canada and #21 in Singapore by TuneCore

Main Performances:  “Across America Tour 2018” in New York & San Francisco, “World Eisa Contest 2017” held at the National Theater Okinawa,  “Sanshin-day 2018” one of the biggest folk music festivals in Japan, “Naha Festival 2019” one of the biggest festival in Okinawa.

Awards: Rookie award in 2015 & Award of excellence in 2017  at the contest hosted by Ryukyu Folk Music Association. Special award in 2015 & Grand prize in 2017 at the International Hiyamikachi-bushi Contest.

Literary Works: Rio’s first book of poetry  “I Am Who I Was Meant to Be” (2012) is sold 130,000 copies in Japan. He also has his second book “This straight road blessed by the Great Spirit” (2015), and is preparing the third one.

ContactCONTACT FORM , Facebook or Twitter

(*) Sanshin is a traditional Okinawanan musical instrument  with three strings. Kankara sanshin is a handmade can-based sanshin which comforted Okinawan people in the aftermath of the battle in Okinawa in 1945.