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Rio’s words including prenatal memories



The reason why I was born with disease?
It’s to be happy … more than ever.

Every life is woven altogether.
I mean, there is no individual life.
Every life of each one of us is woven as one.

 “I Am Who I Was Meant to Be”    (by Rio INYAKU, 2012)



Rio was born with some congenital heart and lung disease so that was hospitalized over thirty times and has been under home oxygen therapy until 9 years old. He has unique sensibilities and prenatal memories that his words which were recorded by his mother came to a book, “I Am Who I was Meant to Be”(2012), which was sold 130,000 copies and he received many moving letters from all over Japan.

Here below is English trial translation by his mother. If interested in publishing it in other languages, please contact to Sunmark publisher English website.


“I am Who I Was Meant to Be”

Prologue by Rio’s mother
The World Before Birth
Being Born Is Such a Miracle
What I Learned from Disease
My Family
What the Great Spirit Told Me
Wonders of being Human
Seeing with Soul’s Eyes
Being Alive
Sunlight, Moonlight
Mirror of the Earth
Essay & Poem by Rio’s mother


He also has his second book, “This straight road blessed by the Great Spirit” (2015), and you can get both of them at oneline-shop.

His books are recommended by M.D,Akira Ikegawa, A well-known obstetrician who made a revolutionary investigation about “perinatal memories”. He wrote many books, and some of them are bestsellers. He often gives lectures on perinatal memories and child care in view of spirituality.


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